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1. Target Group : Medical practitioners of any discipline, promoters of hospitals and nursing homes, pathological clinics, poly-clinics, X-ray labs, etc.
2. Eligibility : Individuals/ Partnerships/ Corporates/Trusts Promoters should be registered practitioners and should possess minimum qualification to practice in a discipline such as MBBS/ BDS
3. Purpose : To finance qualified medical practitioners For personal purposes for buying equipment setting -up clinic, nursing home, poly-clinic, Path lab, X-ray lab , drug store, purchase of vehicle, ambulance, computers, etc.. Repair/ renovation of clinic / dispensary, etc.
4. Type of facilities : MTL( Medium Term Loan)
5. Quantum of Finance : For service holders 10 times of Monthly Salary
For Independent Practitioner 10 times of NMI (Net Monthly Income)
Minimum Tk 2.00 lac to Maximum of TK. 10 lac
6. Margin : 30%
7. Rate of Interest : Loans may be given both on a fixed or a floating rate basis, as per interest rate prevailing from time to time. Branch Manager may have discretion to reduce the interest rate by 1% p.a.
8. Security:
- Primary
- Collateral
: Hypothecation of assets financed by the Bank Guarantee of Colleague/suitable person.
MBBS certificate may be taken as security.
9. Processing fees : 1% of Loan amount
10. Repayment : Maximum period of 5 years.
11. Documentation : A Composite loan document drafted for the purpose
12. Special features : The assessment will be based on a simplified scoring model . Minimum score to be eligible for the loan is 60%.

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