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Shoppe Loan

  • For purchase of new/old shops/establishment/offices.
  • Modernisation /renovation/face-lifting/ Expansion/ addition/ alteration of shops
  • Dealer’s showroom with / without tie-up arrangement with reputed industries .
  • Building for Training/ Services/ Repairs Centres/ Consultant/Chartered Accountants/ Garage
  • All furniture/fixtures, electrical fittings and other accessories required for the showroom/offices/shops.
Eligibility Individuals/Firms/Partnership/Trust/ Franchisee
Mode of financing Medium Term Loan
Repayment 3 to 7 years including moratorium period of 6 months
Amount Minimum BDT 5.00lac amd maximum BDT 40.00lac
Margin 30% (for old property 40%)
Interest Loans may be given both on a fixed or a floating rate basis, as per interest rate prevailing from time to time. Branch Manager may have discretion to reduce the interest rate by 1% p.a.
Security Primary- Hypothecation /pledge/ mortgage/ assignment of property purchased out of Bank’s finance including non-industrial assets. In case of leased/ rented property, NOC/ No Lien letter from lessor/ land-lord respectively, required.
Takeover Permitted subject to observance of takeover norms laid down by bank.
DSCR Minimum 1.75
Credit Customer may default in repaying the loan A minimum upfront margin of 30% is being maintained. The House/ flat financed out of Bank finance is registered mortgaged in favour of SBI with the respective sub-registrar office. In case of default the House can be seized and auctioned for recovery.