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Bangladesh Automated Clearing House & Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer (BACH & BEFTN)

State Bank of India is a member bank of Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH) and Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer (BEFTN).BACH & BEFTN expedites the transmission of payments between the banks electronically, which creates it faster and capable of inter-bank clearing over the existing paper-based system.

BACH / BEFTN Transaction Chares

i) Cheque amount beyond Tk.50,000/but below Tk.5/- lacs, Tk.10/- including VAT ii) Any amount of High Value Cheque (Tk.5/- lac & above) Same Day Clearing, Tk.60/- including VAT. iii) In case of Regular Value Cheque amount (Tk.5/- lac & above): Tk.25/-

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