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State bank of India, consisting of six associate banks and SBI Commercial and International Bank Ltd., is engaged in the foreign trade business globally. We have an extensive network, with over 19000 branches and 173 foreign offices in 34 countries across the world to assure you that SBI office is closer to you, wherever you are, exporting to or importing from.

Our range of foreign trade services:

Trade Finance

With the support of our huge global network we can assure you that our representatives are available to assist you worldwide. Our relationship manager with the trade professional is here to help you out. We are available to provide you advice on all aspects of your trade and can also provide you with working capital to assist in smooth functioning of your unit.

Our range of import services include:

  • Documentary credit
  • Import against letter of credit authorization form
  • Credit against trust receipt for retirement of documents
1. Documentary credit:

A documentary credit (DC) is a guarantee of payment from your bank to your suppliers’ bank. A DC has specific terms and conditions that not only provides payment assurance to your suppliers, but also protects your interests and benefits:

  • Foreign import letter of credit (DC):

    Foreign import LC/ DC is allowed to open on sight or usance basis based on the nature and requirements of your business.

  • Local import letter of credit (DC):

    Local import LC/DC is allowed to open on sight or usance basis based on the nature and requirements of your business.

  • Back-to-back letter of credit:

    Import against your export LC/ DC is allowed to open for import of raw material for your industry in the sector of RMG and leather goods.


Documents required for opening of Import Letter of Credit (DC):

  • Import registration certificate
  • Letter of credit authorization form (LCAF)
  • Copy of indent/ performa invoice
  • Insurance cover note covering “B” category
  • Evidence regarding payment of insurance premium
  • Evidence regarding payment of vat on insurance premium through form-GA
  • Credit report on the foreign suppliers
  • Export LC (in case of back-to-back LC)
2. Import against letter of credit authorization form:

Import against letter of authorization form (lcaf) is allowed to open for import of journals, magazines etc and any allowed import materials for the amount of not more than usd 50,000.00 per annum.

3. Credit against trust receipt for retirement of goods:

Loan against trust receipt (ltr) facility is available for retirement of your document (release of goods) at a very attractive interest rate.


For more information, please contact:


Land Phone: +88-02-9553371, +88-02-9554251 ext. 127, 144

Our range of export service includes:
  • Export LC advising:

    State Bank of India allows prompt advising of Export Letter of Credit from a wide international network of offices.

  • Export packing credit:

    We provide pre – shipment finance in the form of export packing credit (PC) to assist cash flows for manufacturing or packing goods for export from Bangladesh. Export finance requirements are carefully undertaken by the bank on competitive interest rates with timely credit delivery

  • Export bill negotiation:

    We negotiate export bills drawn under letter of credit, if the documents are found to LC terms compliant. State Bank of India facilitates its customers with foreign documentary bill purchase (FDBP), foreign documentary bill for collection (FDBC) and inland documentary bills purchase (IDBP) for export bill negotiation. All these facilities are provided at competitive rates and with world class service standards.

  • Export development fund (EDF):

    Export development fund services as per local regulators guidelines and interest rates are provided to the exporters for their smooth operations.

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