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Fast and Free Money Transfer Arrangement to Bangladesh from U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, Middle East, Germany, Belgium, China etc.

SBI offers fast and convenient ways to send money absolutely free of charge from any of above-mentioned countries to any Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) Taka account held with SBI branches in Bangladesh within 24 hours(during working days in Bangladesh).

Besides, SBI will also send money absolutely free of charge for worker’s remittances received from the branches of any above-mentioned countries to any Non-Resident Bangladeshi(NRB) Taka account held with other banks in Bangladesh within 48 hours(during working days in Bangladesh).

For further information, please call our Remittance Section:

Land Phone: +88(02)222280469, +88(02)222289153 Extn No. 121

Cell : +8801325074269, +8801325074294


Our Bangladesh Operations offers excellent banking services for non-resident Bangladeshis and foreign currency account services for resident Bangladeshis.

Services for Non Resident Bangladeshi

Foreign Currency Current Account
  • A choice of Foreign Currencies –US Dollar, Pound-Sterling and EURO.
  • Balance of the account is freely remittable, i.e. you may transfer funds overseas subject to foreign exchange regulation of the recipient country.
  • Cheque book facility.
Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account (FCTD)
  • Interest Bearing Time Deposit account
  • A choice of currencies-US Dollar, Pound-Sterling and Euro.
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • A choice of tenure of one, three, six and twelve months with auto-renewal facility.
  • Interest is tax free within Bangladesh.
  • Both interest and principal are fully repatriable i.e. you may transfer any amount from your account to outside subject to foreign exchange regulation of the recipient country.
Non-Resident Taka Account
  • Local Currency Account
  • Can be opened as either a local currency interest bearing savings or non-interest bearing current account
  • Not freely remittable
  • Cheque book facility
Non-Resident Local Currency Time deposit Account
  • Interest bearing time deposit A/C
  • Competitive Interest Rate
  • A choice of tenure of three months, six months, one year and three years with auto-renewable facility.

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As an electronic settlement, it ensures transfer of funds from one account of a bank to that of another bank on a real-time and on gross basis. Here real-time refers transactions that do not need any waiting period. Transactions are settled as soon as they are executed.


Bangladesh Automated Cheque Processing System (BACPS) and Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network (BEFTN) are designed to automate cheque clearing to speed up the processing and reduce risks as well as provide a medium for paper-less interbank payments.

Fund transfer through ATM

ATMs provide a couple of facilities and services to the customers. One of them is to transfer money from one bank account to another using your debit/ATM card. Money transfers through ATMs can be helpful in urgent situations.

Fund transfer from INB

With internet banking, customers can transfer funds between bank accounts without having to visit the bank. The transaction can be made through the BEFTN facilities between banks. Net banking offers a 'Fund Transfer' option, for quickly transferring funds to third-party beneficiaries within the bank.

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